Welcome to the website for Bosque Valley Reproduction Center. Bosque Valley is owned by Rena and Cody Lynch and is located in Hamilton, TX. Bosque Valley Reproduction Center specializes in Embryo Transfer.

What is Embryo Transfer?

Embryo transfer or ET, involves the super-ovulation of the genetically superior female animal known as the "donor." The donor is then inseminated with semen from a high quality male animal or bred naturally. She is flushed 6 days later and the covered embryos are transferred into surrogate mothers (the "recipients").

Why should I consider using Embryo Transfer?

ET enables you the stud breeder to maximize the output from your genetically superior animals and to make rapid genetic gains.

Whats the success rate?
The average number of usable embryos recovered from Boer is 10-12 per donor. Expect a "stick" rate from fresh embryos of 66-75% in a well managed program.
Embryo transfer helps to multiply your best genetics
To learn more about embryo Transfer visit our E.T. Facts Page
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